It’s not often that I write in our business blog about the emotional side of our business but I guess a few events in my own life lately have inspired me to do so….

Last week was a busy one. We styled several Brides and bridesmaids and help them choose some very different and really stunning looks for their wedding days. But last week was also quite an emotional week, there were lots of tears of joy from customers but equally one or two were shed for different reasons….

As you all know I lost my wonderful Dad Tom five weeks ago to cancer after a very short illness.One of my  Bride’s Mother explained that her husband passed away last year and she would be given her daughter away from this coming Christmas as her husband is no longer alive. For once I was stuck for words I didn’t know what to say. It did remind me of how lucky I am that my Dad walked me down the aisle on my big day….  I’ll never forget that. It was one of the happiest days of my life.

My father always used to say the day you’re born, the day you get married and the day you die are the three most important days of your life!!! It’s so true….

What I really wanted to say was that sometimes we must all count our blessings in life and hold our loved ones tight.  We should celebrate the good times and the good people that we have and basically ‘be happy’ because life certainly is too short! X