Sweetheart Necklines


A Sweetheart neckline is a beautiful style for any bridesmaid dress. It is a neckline that is definitely a popular choice. We love this neckline with ever-so sweet shades of Pantone carnation, pearl pink, rose.These colors primarily perfect for spring and summer weddings are just beautiful shades!

Some Top Tips from Ivory Lane….

Before you choose these shades and this neckline you will want to consider a few things:

1. Make sure the neckline works for all of your girls.If you have bridesmaids that are bustier than others, you may want to consider a different neckline or consider adding straps/cap sleeves.

2. Rose pink is a gorgeous color but will it suit your bridesmaids?  If you have bridesmaids that are very fair skinned, you may want to consider a dark shade of pink.

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Our Favourite Wedding Blogs & How They Can Help You!

We have talked in the past about our favorite wedding blogs and how they can help you with your wedding planning. However, the online resources that can help you plan your big day go beyond just blogs so here’s a few ways in which you can plan your wedding using social media.


If you have not yet discovered the wonder of Pinterest you must have been hiding under a rock! It’s the absolute best way to collate your ideas, source inspiration and find things you might never have even dreamed about before. Consider it your virtual scrapbook in which you can make mood boards and obsess over pretty little dresses.


We love using Facebook to find and track great wedding suppliers who use this form of social media to keep the world updated with their latest news and examples of their work.


Another visual channel but such a lovely insight into the world of weddings, Instagram is definitely where it’s at these days. From behind-the-scenes peeks of what wedding suppliers are doing to immaculate styling and photography that might just inspire the shape of your wedding, Instagram is a very real addiction.


If you’re hot on Facebook, you might not ‘get’ Twitter, but think of it as your chance to get answers to your questions. It’s an amazing resource for connecting with people – from other like-minded brides to bloggers who can offer a world of inspiration – and you never know who you might find there. Whether you want to ask for recommendations, query advice you’ve been given or seek out certain products, Twitter is the place to do it.

Not sure where to start? Well, how about finding us social media.

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Struggling to Find the Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

Are you a bride-to-be struggling to find the perfect dresses for your bridesmaids? Know exactly what you want but can’t find it on the high street? Want something unique but not overpriced then we urge you to take a look at our new brand ‘Maids to Measure’.

We are so pleased to be able to announce that we are the first stockist in Munster to offer Maids to Measure attire.

We can now boast the collection in store for all your brides out there looking for that little touch of uniqueness.

The Maids to Measure brand fills the gap for many brides, offering bespoke designs to suit a range of body shapes. Furthermore you can have a go at designing them yourself…

The exclusive designs enable you to find the perfect fit for all your maids.

So if you are looking for beautiful bridesmaids dresses pop in store or arrange an appointment or even request a fabric sample from Maids to Measure.


Events in Life That Inspire Me

It’s not often that I write in our business blog about the emotional side of our business but I guess a few events in my own life lately have inspired me to do so….

Last week was a busy one. We styled several Brides and bridesmaids and help them choose some very different and really stunning looks for their wedding days. But last week was also quite an emotional week, there were lots of tears of joy from customers but equally one or two were shed for different reasons….

As you all know I lost my wonderful Dad Tom five weeks ago to cancer after a very short illness.One of my  Bride’s Mother explained that her husband passed away last year and she would be given her daughter away from this coming Christmas as her husband is no longer alive. For once I was stuck for words I didn’t know what to say. It did remind me of how lucky I am that my Dad walked me down the aisle on my big day….  I’ll never forget that. It was one of the happiest days of my life.

My father always used to say the day you’re born, the day you get married and the day you die are the three most important days of your life!!! It’s so true….

What I really wanted to say was that sometimes we must all count our blessings in life and hold our loved ones tight.  We should celebrate the good times and the good people that we have and basically ‘be happy’ because life certainly is too short! X

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How To Stay Friends With Your Bridesmaids

Asking a friend to be your bridesmaid is a big responsibility. For you and for her.

For her, it means taking on part of the burden of making sure that your wedding works out exactly as you have planned it. Organizing the young flower girls. Making sure you look your most beautiful at the ceremony (arranging veils and trains etc.) Providing a shoulder to cry on/hand to hold when the stress gets to you. Helping with the RSVPs, choosing the venue, the cake … the list goes on.

Your Best Friend Might Not Make Your Best Bridesmaid

And what’s your responsibility?  Well, firstly you need to make sure that you’re choosing the right person to be your bridesmaid. (And that might not be your best friend either.) You need to have an individual by your side who is reliable, trustworthy, organized, reasonably and available. Your childhood friend who now lives 3000 miles away might be the person you want, but you really need to have somebody with you who can be physically there quite a lot of the time. Your other Uni friend might be great fun but a bit scatterbrained and you really don’t want to worry about what she’s forgotten or likely to forget.


And in return – what can you do?

We’ve all been at weddings where the bridesmaid has been forced into wearing a dress that really didn’t suit her.  Maybe she was tall and lanky and had to wear a strapless dress that she just didn’t have the curves for. Or maybe she was voluptuous and had to face up to frills that did nothing to accentuate her good points but emphasized the not-so-good.

We think one of the greatest thank-you’s you can pay your chief bridesmaid is allowing her to choose her own bridesmaid dress.

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Top 5 Dress Necklines

While searching for that perfect dress to fit your body shape, you should consider what style of neckline will be the most flattering for your body shape and the one you will feel most comfortable in. Choosing the perfect neckline on your dress will help make you look and feel like a beautiful bride on your wedding day. There are so many different types of necklines to choose from but here are some of the most popular styles here at Ivory Lane.

1. Strapless – This neckline is one of the most popular and is preferred choice for many. This style has no straps and therefore no sleeves of fabric. It is a particular good shape if you have a large chest but make sure to have the right bra to give you proper support. If you are small chested, it would not be the most flaterring.If you are self-conscious about your upper arms or upper body area, this might not be the best shape. Brides with toned arms look best in this neckline. This neckline will look amazing with a ball gown or a line silhouette.

2. Sweetheart – The sweetheart neckline is low cut and shaped to resemble the top half of a heart. It’s open and curved shape accentuates the décolletage and is perfect for the woman with the larger bustline.You will mostly see this neckline in a strapless style but you might also find it with spaghetti straps or in a halter neck style. This style dress is great for brides with a large bust who want to show it off. Paired with a ball gown or aline looks great. It also looks great with a stunning hour glass silhouette.

3. Halter Neck – The halter neck style dress has straps which wrap around or ties around the back of the neck on a backless dress. This style is a good choice for women who have broad shoulders and women who are tall but would not be flattering on someone with narrow shoulders or those with a large bust. You will find the halter neckline with a scoop, cowl neck or even a dipping neckline. Halters do not have sleeves but can usually be found with all types of silhouettes from ball gowns to the stunning hour glass silhouette.

4.V-Neck-This plunges down on the front and on occasion, the back as well in a V-Shape and is the perfect neckline to showcase a beautiful piece of jewellery .The V-Neck is a great neckline for the hourglass body type and can also the great on the fuller figured woman. It is a very versatile design. If you have smaller chest a plunging V-Neck paired with a halter can work to create the illusion of larger breasts. Also a slightly less deep v will look amazing with larger busts, giving support as well as accentuating your curves.

5. Off the Shoulder – This is one that has straps or sleeves that sit just below the shoulders. With this neckline, the entire upper area of your collarbone, shoulders and some of the chest are revealed and accentuated. If you have a medium or large chest this style of neckline is extremely flattering but might only serve to make a small bust look smaller.

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Bridal trends – long sleeve wedding dresses are back!

It’s been a long time coming, but here it is…Its the return of the sleeve. It has returned with versatility with many designers playing around with sheer fabrics, lace, paneling and detailing. The sleeve allows you to feel demure yet sensual. It is not only a practicality for weddings in the colder weather, it is a fashion statement.

We love the way in which a sleeved gown can look ladylike and feminine. Whether you are a classic bride or fashion forward bride, long Sleeve wedding dresses are the practical yet fashionable alternative for church weddings, where shoulders must be covered, or weddings in the colder weather. With a love for all things vintage sleeves most definitely played a large part in the Sanyukta Shrestha 2013 collection. We would like to share some of the best styles of long sleeve wedding dresses we have for our discerning brides.

Perfect for the fashion forward bride.

The bamboo lace sleeves are sensual and sexy without exposing to much skin.

Designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Monique Lhuillier, Marchesa and Valentino have all incorporated sleeves into their new collections experimenting with the  long lace sleeves and detailing. Here are some of the best sleeve wedding dresses we have put together for you.

Feminine and delicate, high sheer necklines and long, transparent sleeves we love each and every one of these gowns for their individuality and unique style.

          So Like or Love ? xxx

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Newly Engaged? Tips creating your dream wedding

I’m sure those of you who are newly engaged are excited to get started on your wedding planning. But where to start? Create a wedding style board! It’s the perfect way to get the vision of your Big Day realized. And to help inspire you Dessy has a fabulous picture gallery full of wedding inspiration boards made by others just like you.

This week’s pick for our favorite board is this vintage wedding style board full of gorgeous Vintage Pink ideas. A bird cage veil and a lot of flowers and feminine details make this one stand out.

Visit today for more great ideas and to create your very own style board to help kick off your wedding planning.